Reverse Your Diabetes Package (GOLD)

$195.00 1 hour

This premium package is designed to give you the best opportunity to reverse your diabetes.


It includes

  • An initial online session
  • Detailed high quality dietary /lifestyle assessment and report using the industry’s best software
  • A personalised meal plan and diabetes action plan designed to maximise your chance of reversing your diabetes
  • A review dietary consultation to consolidate ideas and refine the meal plan and 6 months of Email support to help keep you on track.

What happens from here . 

  1. Pick an appointment date that suits you (contact me if you need support outside of normal hours)
  2. i will contact you to confirm this date and send you a link to our dietary and lifestyle analysis sheet for you to fill in prior to the appointment
  3. You will receive an appointment via email using the ZOOM scheduling system witch will include a link to use the ZOOM system
  4. Payment can be made after initial confirmation or after the first session via the payment gateway

for further information please contact us via email at




Reverse your diabetes package (GOLD) 

This is the “premium:” package and the one I would recommend to give you the best opportunity to reverse your diabetes.


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