Individual Consultation Dietitian Diabetes Educator

$110.00 1 hour

How can an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator help me?

We can

  • Help you put a plan in action to not develop diabetes if you have pre-diabetes
  • Help you reverse your diabetes if you have early type 2 diabetes
  • Teach you how to understand your diabetes and learn how to control and manage it well
  • Teach you how food and exercise interact with your diabetes including designing individulised meal plans specifically for your needs
  • Help you understand how to use you blood glucose meters and other devices and develop action plans to stay on top of your diabetes
  • Help you understand how your medication works to help you manage your diabetes
  • Help you understand how diet and exercise interact with insulin therapy


What happens from here . 

  1. Pick an appointment date that suits you (contact me if you need support outside of normal hours)
  2. i will contact you to confirm this date and send you a link to our dietary and lifestyle analysis sheet for you to fill in prior to the appointment
  3. You will receive an appointment via email using the ZOOM scheduling system witch will include a link to use the ZOOM program
  4. Payment can be made after initial confirmation or after the first session via the payment gateway

for further information please contact us via email at


Individual consultation Dietitian Diabetes Educator 40 minutes contact online including action plan and meal plan post the session



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