Online Diabetes Educator and Dietitian How Does It Work ?

Online services


Why use an online Diabetes Educator and Diabetes Dietitian?

With today’s access to technology and our fast-paced life and we are moving more and more to offering dietetics services online allowing you to receive the support you want from the comfort of your own home. Dietitians and other health professionals have been using telehealth systems to support patients for decades

How can an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator help me?

We can

  • Help you put a plan in action to not develop diabetes if you have pre-diabetes
  • Help you reverse your diabetes if you have early type 2 diabetes
  • Teach you how to understand your diabetes and learn how to control and manage it well
  • Teach you how food and exercise interact with your diabetes including designing individulised meal plans specifically for your needs
  • Help you understand how to use you blood glucose meters and other devices and develop action plans to stay on top of your diabetes
  • Help you understand how your medication works to help you manage your diabetes
  • Help you understand how diet and exercise interact with insulin therapy


How does it work

I offer two delivery and administrative options

  1. Direct booking via this site
  2. Third party access using their systems and videoconference facilities

Via a Third Party

I recognize some individuals like booking through systems that offer integrated solutions and videoconference support and have added myself to  KnowDiabetes® Online Consultations which offers

Private on-demand consultation with diabetes experts from the comfort of
your home via secure audio/video calls with end-to-end encryption

My personal link for direct bookings


Via This Site Using My Systems 



I offer an online booking system that will allow you to book an appointment at a time and date that suits you. Just make a booking that suits you and we will send you all you an appointment confirmation and all you need to get up and running (I would recommend making it 1-2 weeks down the track to give us some time to send you our documents)




You have the option of paying upfront using the shopping cart feature for some products, after i have confirmed your booking or after the session using your preferred payment method.



Consultation /Diet history


Its vitally important to me to use our time well during the call so we can focus on helping you put a plan into action. To help achieve this as soon as a booking is made I will email you a link to our lifestyle/diet survey. Filling this in before our session allows me to generate a report and concentrate on helping us put a plan into action




Appointments can be canceled by you up to 1 day before your scheduled appointment.  We would appreciate it if you were able to give as much warning as possible out of respect to both our time and that of other individuals that may wish to access services .



I support a number of video conference technologies including Skype, but my preferred method is ZOOM. Zoom is very easy to use and has a number of key advantages in that you can easily share screens it is completely secure, and it has a very good scheduling and appointments system


What will you require

  1. An email address that works
  2. A device you’re comfortable with

Any one of the following will support high quality videoconferencing using ZOOM.

  • Computer with a functioning camera and sound card
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Smart phone
  • Tablet




Quality Guarantee


Refunds Will be paid in full for online consultations sessions if consultations need to be rescheduled or do not meet your needs or expectations


  • Private Health insurance

Most Australian Health insurance companies offer rebates for Dietitians/Nutritionists if you hold appropriate extras cover. As my service cover both Dietetics and Diabetes Education I will provide you with an invoice as a Dietitian/Nutritionist which should support a rebate if one is applicable.

At this stage most, private health insurance companies do not support rebates to Credentialed Diabetes Educators which is extremely disappointing and very confusing particularly when taken in the context of their support of non-evidence-based therapies that have been shown to not provide benefit and pose potential risk. Please check with you provider if your eligible for a rebate as we cannot be responsible for your providers policies



Some clients have reported receiving inconsistent information when contacting their providers regarding telehealth services so it may pay to be forthright in your expectations of their coverage. At this date If your covered for a Dietitian/Nutritionist I am not aware of any policy reason why you would not be eligible for a rebate and I note many of the providers deliver their own services via telehealth.

Rebates Medicare

The current pandemic situation has forced the hands of governments to support ongoing telehealth funding for allied health under the care plan system. As this has been an effective method of delivering content for diabetes professionals for decades its very welcome.