Australian Breastfeeding Association class told baby formula ‘was like AIDS’

Very sad one has to start questioning the quality of health journalism
The same newspaper that gives us a lift out full to the brim of completely unproven and potentially damaging health and nutritional information from natropaths,herbalists homeopaths chiropractors you name it is now on it high horse about the ABA.

Just how low has the quality of health journalism now sunk citing a journalistic need to go “undercover” as the only way then having a prepared attack on breastfeeding advocacy . All groups using volunteers will from time to time have an issue with one exceeding their scope or going to far when this happens responsible individuals feed this back to the groups involved so that it can be sorted out.  they do not go out seeking a story to sensationalize  extremely important public health issues. How did we get to this stage where journalists see health as a area where accuracy and balance is not important why do we see responsible intelligent journalism from the media on politics and business then sensationalist scaremongering combined with a belief that it is acceptable to promote health practices that have no evidence at all  behind them as fact! . Has the health portfolio now been given to entertainment journalists ?

The ill-effects of quackery v scientific evidence

FOLLOWING the untimely death of Steve Jobs there has been continuing speculation about the extent to which his treatment was critically delayed by early efforts to employ alternative medicine.